A Popclip extension to dial a number using OS X Jabber Client
Friday, January 24, 2014 at 6:57AM
Klaus Mueller in os x


Popclip is a nice little OS X app that adds iOS style copy/paste popups on the Mac desktop ($4.99 in Mac App store regularly, but only $2.99 until Jan 31). The real beauty of Popclip is in a number of plug-in extensions that can then also be quickly applied to any selected text (some favorites of mine include open hyperlink, and create note in Evernote).

Popclip - Open Hyperlink extension

Extensions are also pretty easy to create and tied to a Mac OS X service, AppleScript, Shell Script, URL, or Keypress. We use Jabber integrated with the Cisco UC platform at work, so I thought it would be nice to be able to quickly dial a selected phone number using a Popclip extension.

Call Jenny

To use the the Popclip extension, make sure the “Dial with Jabber” service is installed and active (the service is installed with the Address Book plug-in — from the Cisco Jabber menu choose Cisco Jabber > Preferences > General and click Install Mac Address Book Plug-in).

Dial with Jabber

Jabber also needs to be configured to control an associated Cisco IP phone or as a softphone. The extension (unsigned for now - sorry) can be download from GitHub. Grab the “dialjabber.popclipext.zip” file, un-archive, and double-click on the dialjabber.popclipext icon to install the extension (Popclip has to be installed first).

Then dial-away!

Hope you find this useful.

— Klaus

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