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A blog by Klaus C Mueller, CCIE #5450.


I’m an “old school” routing and switching CCIE (from early 2000 when the lab was still a 2 day sufferfest) working the past 13+ years as a senior systems engineer and consultant for a Cisco partners/systems integrator. As such I’ve dabbled in most aspects of Cisco technology but specializing in core routing and switching. Recently I have been focusing on “data center virtualization”, which has led me to expand my knowledge beyond networking into storage (Netapp and EMC), servers[1] (Cisco UCS), and virtualization (primarily VMware).

Several years ago I went back to school in my spare time[2] to get an MBA. My primary goal was to learn the business side of things and to be able to use that knowledge to better tie the business need to technology. Given that, I particularly enjoyed learning about strategy and innovation.

This blog is an attempt to further explore these areas, sometimes likely to go into a lot of geekery, other times trying to further my understanding of business strategy[3] and the like.

Oh, and maybe some occaisional Apple geekery too (yeah, I’m one of “those”).

I grew up on the East Coast, but now call the Southwest my home with my wife and two lovely children (and way too many pets).

Thanks for stopping by.

- Klaus
CCIE #5450

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this blog are my own, and don’t necessarily reflect those of my employer.

  1. Which brings back lots of mixed memories of my early days in this business working on building and administering servers - Novell 3 and 4, IBM OS/2, Windows NT, etc… - there’s a reason I started focusing on networking…  ↩

  2. while continuing to work full time and soon after our second child was born - guess I’m a glutton for punishment - although I think it would be much harder now that the kids are in school and have almost daily extracurricular activities.  ↩

  3. Sort of an informal ongoing self-study in the field of “Management of Technology” and related topics.  ↩